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Thursday Dinners

Directed by:Priya Lorenz

Film School:UCLA Alumni ('12)

A young woman and her father share their weekly Thursday dinner. As the evening progresses, the two struggle to come to terms with Neil’s deteriorating mental state in a slice-of-life portrait of Alzheimer’s and the people whose lives it shatters.

Priya Lorenz

Priya grew up in Studio City, CA and currently resides in another part of Los Angeles with fewer Starbucks but more quirky laundromats (she is still not convinced of whether or not this is an upgrade). She studied film directing at UCLA, and since graduating in 2012 has written and directed several sketch comedy shorts along with a handful of music videos, one of which involved lighting her (now ex-)boyfriend on fire with brake part cleaner for a final scene in his neo-funk band’s music video. She is currently single and residing in Franklin Village with zero cats and a thriving ficus while she writes her feature film about Indian female gangsters.

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