About the Project

Alzheimer’s is everywhere now. It spares no country or culture, and each year the problem grows. Millions around the world live with progressive dementia. This film project is dedicated to improving their lives — your life — though storytelling.

Tell us your story. Every qualifying film under 30 minutes will be considered for inclusion on our website.

We especially are grateful to the four extraordinary filmmakers who helped launch this project: Naomi Boak, Steve James, Roger Ross Williams, and Megan Mylan. Check out their wonderful films here.

Share your trials and unexpected joys. Join us.

David Shenk
Project Creator and Executive ProducerAuthor, The ForgettingSenior Advisor, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund


About the Competition

For three years, this project was proud to run an international film competition. That competition is currently on hiatus. All winners and entries remain on this website. Filmmaker are invited to continue to submit films to the site for viewing. All content-appropriate entries will be accepted.


Films for the competition were judged on story merit, on technical achievement, and how well they conveyed the urgent challenges of dementia.


Grand Prize: $5,000
Special Young Filmmaker Prize: $1,000
Two Runners-up: $1,000 each


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