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The Sum Total of Our Memory

Directed by:Barbara Klutinis

When my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago, in 2010, I did not know how we were going to get through the ordeal ahead of us. Feeling alone and isolated, I suggested that we join an Early Alzheimer’s support group in San Francisco, run by the Bay Area Alzheimer’s Association. My husband Jerry agreed to attend.
At our first meeting, there were only two married couples. As the years went by, more people joined our group, to make up the eleven couples that we have now, and we be

Barbara Klutinis

I am a retired teacher of film studies at Skyline College in San Bruno, Ca. and San Francisco State University, San Francisco, Ca. I earned my M.A. in Film Production in 1986 and have been making films since 1981.
While my early films were 16 mm. optically printed experimental films, I more recently have been working with found footage and video in a quasi documentary style. With my last two films, I have fully embraced digital technology, using a DSLR camera and Final Cut Pro for editing. I have also moved into more traditional narrative forms of documentary filmmaking.
I live in San Francisco in the Noe Valley with my husband and two sons. My passions are filmmaking and fly fishing.

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