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The Long Goodbye: An Alzheimer’s Story

Directed by:Christian Harris

Film School:University of Central Florida

If anyone has ever experienced first hand the effects Alzheimer’s or dementia has on a person, you will understand how terrible of a disease it truly is. Not only is it a travesty for the victims of Alzheimer’s, it’s almost as tragic for their loved ones. Jim guides us through a day in the life as a husband of a Alzheimer’s patient. On top of that, he shows that while this sickness can take away almost everything from someone, it fails to steal the love others have for them.

Christian Harris

I was born with the ongoing passion to tell and listen to people's stories. No matter the importance of the story, I feel like the world needs to hear as many stories as possible. I started using video as a tool to tell stories in my senior year of college. From there I established my first business, Aqueous Films. I've been shooting weddings, events and commercials in order to pay the bills but on the side I still follow my passion for storytelling.

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