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The Library

Directed by:Jason LaMotte

13-year-old Emily begins receiving secret admirer notes in the library, taking her on a journey of discovery through literature, romance, and ultimately a bittersweet personal history.

Jason LaMotte

Jason began as a playwright in the theatre in the US, studying with 3-time Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Albee, who produced one of his plays, The Magic Hour, in 2000.

Jason went on to become an award-winning writer and director, collecting Silver Screen Awards for his writing, and Best Film and Best Director awards for his short films. His 2011 short, The Terms, featured at over 30 festivals worldwide, including the prestigious Tribeca and Los Angeles Film Festivals. His latest short film, The Library, starring Ronan Keating’s 12-year-old daughter Missy, premiered in 2015 at the Academy-qualifying Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and was featured in The Guardian in the UK and on NPR in the States.

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