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The Leap

Directed by:Yale Yang

Hector’s last memory is working in a physics lab when something goes wrong. He wakes up to a strange reality (present). A doctor tells tells him that he has Alzheimer’s and the vivid flashback may be due to the new treatment. After failed attempts to gain information about his wife, Hector meets another patient who is a time traveler from the future. The patient offers to help only if Hector can assist him in fixing a stowed-away time device. Will he take a leap of faith and grasp the chance?

Yale Yang

Yale was born in Taiwan, but grew up in a small town in Mississippi. His early interests in film dates back to his childhood while watching the Back to the Future series. Before shifting his career to filmmaking, Yale received a bachelor’s degree in psychology, served in the military, and worked at a publishing company in Taiwan as an editor. His interest in all walks of life has inspired him to create touching stories and heartfelt characters. In 2013, Yale received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production from the University of Miami Department of Cinema and Interactive Media. He has directed and produced several short films, commercials, and documentaries up to date.

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