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The Days Are Getting Longer

Directed by:Ted Terrenoire

In this honest and unflinching film, we see one man’s commitment to keeping his wife from slipping away, for as long as he can. Included in the film is a single, eight-minute shot that tracks the small routines of care and reveals the lingering personality of Jenny as she falls further into the disease.

As the husband says in the film, “placing a single day in amber” allows a unique examination on their situation. The story revealed, is a heart-warming one, full of wit, humor and kindness.

Ted Terrenoire

Ted Terrenoire is a producer and director living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. For nearly 20 years, he has worked on productions for corporations, government agencies, associations and non-profits.

“The Days Are Getting Longer” is Ted’s debut as an independent film-maker. He is currently working on his first, feature-length documentary, which is about an artist in Southern California.

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