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Directed by:Andrew Garbus

Film School:University of Texas at Austin

A middle-aged man visits his father and grapples with the impacts and effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Andrew Garbus

Andrew Garbus fell in love with filmmaking at the age of ten. The film that changed his life was Pirate's of the Caribbean. He then went on to watch films incessantly, aspiring to become a film critic never recognizing that his dream to be a filmmaker would be pursuable. At the age of 14, after an extra credit assignment and with the encouragement of his English teacher, Andrew went on to make his first short film, and has continued to make films to this day. He attends the University of Texas at Austin and is currently finishing up his undergraduate RTF degree. He is also currently finishing up work on his first feature length documentary, Kingdom of Days, which analyzes his relationship with his parents and the reasons for their divorce.

Film Commentary