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Directed by:Andrew Barrie

Film School:Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Seasons is the story of a Mark Allen, a young professional who is struggling to find his identity and purpose in life. He finds his reason through his girlfriend Laney when even through life biggest challenges, she never leaves his side. When his estranged father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Mark tries to help him out by having his father, Scott, move in with him. Underestimating his circumstances, Mark tries to reconnect with his father to find out why he was never there for him.

Andrew Barrie

Andrew has had an interest in film ever since he was a young kid. When he was 8 years old, he watched a short film that his cousins had made with their camcorder called, "Braincage." From that moment on, he wanted to make films. When he got into college he quickly enrolled in film studies courses and began studying film theory. Within the next few years he began directing short films. He has directed three films in the Indianapolis 48 Hour Film competition and co-directed one last year with Paul Curtis. Seasons is the first film that Andrew has written and the biggest film he has directed yet.

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