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Directed by:Yasuhiro Tamura

Aging is an accelerating issue in Japan, and the population of people living with dementia is also increasing. However, there are still various prejudices and misunderstandings about dementia. With an aim to increase awareness and understanding, every year a marathon is held to connect the sash across Japan by running together with those with dementia. Being inspired by their work, we created a film to highlight their project as well as the people living with dementia in a positive way.

Yasuhiro Tamura

I am a director working with video production and video-based multi-media contents. With a background in documentary filmmaking, I place importance in building relationships with the subject and take a co-creative approach from private work to client work. I believe in the power of digital storytelling, and strive to solve social and cooperate challenges through video and other media production. My projects in the past such as KUROKAWA WONDERLAND (2015) and Wheelchair Dance (2016) reflects my approach to filmmaking and has won many awards overseas.

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