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Remember When

Directed by:Swati Srivastava

A short film dealing with Alzheimer’s. Having given into her daughter’s insistence, Rose is caught in a moment of enchantment when she finds herself face to face with Dr. Mac; an accomplished and charming man. But Rose is hiding a secret; something that threatens to destroy her moment of happiness. When Mac invites her to go sailing with him, she must decide between a life of illusion and being true to herself.

Video password: TheLongGoodbye

Swati Srivastava

With her background in social / political documentaries and moving narratives with a social message, Swati Srivastava has a deep experience of care-giving. She took care of her beloved sister/ soul-mate as her sister suffered from cancer. Losing her sister to the terminal disease devastated her and she went through depression and post-traumatic stress. The strength and support she found in the human connections she made afterwards and her experience of deep loss informs all her films; the heart-wrenching issues people face in life and what they do to overcome them.

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