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Remember Me

Directed by:Veronica Barbosa

Film School:Columbia College Chicago

After a year abroad, college student Phoebe returns home to visit her beloved grandma Eleanor for her birthday. Phoebe walks into her grandma’s house to find out things are not how she left them, her grandma’s Alzheimer’s has progressed to the point where she no longer recognizes her. Phoebe starts to reject her grandma because of the circumstances. Through this, she learns to move past her feelings and accept her grandmother’s fate in their greenhouse which becomes their Neverland escape.

Veronica Barbosa

Veronica Barbosa is a producer/director based out of Chicago, IL. Veronica started studying TV Production while attending Curie High in Chicago's south side. There she realized that while TV Producing and sports broadcasting were both something she enjoyed, they lacked a certain storytelling element that film offered. While Veronica loves all aspects of filmmaking she found a particular love for producing and directing while studying Cinema arts at Columbia College Chicago. She is greatly influenced by people, cultures, and the struggles and triumphs of those around her. She hopes to one day make movies that inspire others and add to the list of successful Mexican/American female director/producers.

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