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Directed by:Billy DaMota

Posey (Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland) finds herself entering the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, and is faced with the trauma that comes from being separated from all the things she knows and loves. Her granddaughter (Erica Rhodes) is her caretaker and is confronted with the fear, the guilt and the confusion of having to place Posey in an assisted living facility. When Posey “escapes”, she enters a beautiful world that helps her deal with her new life ahead.

Billy DaMota

Billy DaMota began his career in the entertainment business in 1985, working in casting on such films as Predator, The Running Man and The Three Amigos . In 1988 he was hired on to help cast the gang epic, Colors, directed by Dennis Hopper.  Billy went on to cast Steven Seagal's first film, Above the Law, directed by Andrew Davis, Miracle Mile, starring Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham and the legendary cult classic Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town, casting the then unknown Billy Bob Thornton in his first co-starring role.  He has gone on to cast hundreds of film and TV projects, casting 25 films for Pure Flix, on films such as The Case for Christ and the box-office hit God's Not Dead.

POSEY is Billy's directorial debut.

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