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Perlmutter (Last Time Paris)

Directed by:Rupert Höller

One day Sonja’s mother discovers a hair barrette in her room of the retirement home. She remembers her shining youth she spent in Paris and her first love, Théo, from which she got the barrette.
When her daughter Sonja visits, she tells her about her wish to go back to Paris again. Sonja manages to take some days off and plans to take a trip with her mother. But suddenly, a new project comes up which seems to make it impossible for Sonja to go abroad.

Rupert Höller

Rupert Höller was born in 1992 in Vorarlberg,
Austria and moved to Salzburg, when he was 2.
After school and community service, he moved to
Vienna, where he is currently studying directing and
editing at the Film Academy Vienna and working as a
freelance director and editor for short films, documentaries,
music videos and commercials.

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