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One Last Dance

Directed by:Will Rowson

Film School:University for the Creative Arts

Told from a daughters perspective, seen through her fathers eyes. ‘One Last Dance’ explores how it felt watching her father slowly forget everything he knew.

Director: Will Rowson
Sound Designer: Riley Wong
Music: Yannick Tassin
Voice Over: Louise Rowson

Will Rowson

My graduation film ‘One Last Dance’ showed what it was like for my granddad to have Alzheimer’s, the painterly watercolour animation flickers and warps to show what it was like from his eyes. My mother narrated, talking about what she remembered about him. This project really cemented my desire to create projects that have a truth and believability to them. I am fortunate to have had these films screened at multiple festivals. Continuing to work on projects with concepts that speak to an audience and pushing the visual aspects of animation is what I want to do.

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