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On Some Strange Mornings

Directed by:Arlene Schulman

On Some Strange Mornings tells the somber story of Leo Pieter, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who lives in upper Manhattan. He cares for his mother with dementia. In this short and moving documentary, we learn what the future holds for Leo and how he seeks to preserve his words by writing beautiful and poignant poetry and prose.

Arlene Schulman

Arlene Schulman is a filmmaker, writer, editor and photographer whose work seeks to illuminate the human condition. Her two most popular short films are A Conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda, and I am Ivan (most of the time) about a guidance counselor by day, drag queen by night. Her published books include the award winning The Prizefighters: An Intimate Look at Champions and Contenders; 23rd Precinct: The Job; and Cop on the Beat. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, DNAinfo, and in many other publications. Her writing and short films can be found on her website, www. and on YouTube at arleneschulman123.

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