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Directed by:Jay Espano

Film School:Columbia College Chicago

Arthur is running out of time. His Alzheimer’s stricken wife, Dorothy, who doesn’t remember him at all is about to be moved to a home care facility. But when he accidentally finds an old music box that somehow triggers bits and pieces of her memory, his hope is revived. Could this be the answer to his prayers. As he desperately tries to convince everyone, he discovers an unsettling truth about himself.

Jay Espano

Originally from Manila, Philippines, Jay has worked around Asia in various capacities as actor, writer, director and teacher. Determined to spread his wings he moved to Chicago and immersed himself in what the city has to offer. In 2014, he got a scholarship from Columbia College Chicago prestigious MFA Film Directing program. Mahal is his final thesis film and his love letter to his Mom who passed away in 2006.

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