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Directed by:Nikki Lee

Film School:Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts

A quiet drama that follows a medical aid robot named Iris as it works with its Alzheimer’s patient, Richard Luxe, to improve his cognitive functions, and ultimately shine a light on his forgotten past.

Nikki Lee

Except for a brief stint at age six when she wanted to be an ice cream truck driver, Nikki has always wanted to make movies. From imitating Jessica Rabbit’s dance as a toddler, to making small films with her sister in her backyard, film became a means to explore and understand the world around her. Her film, Iris, was a recent exploration made in honor of her grandfather who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease several years ago. After acquiring a BA in Creative Writing at Florida State University, she decided to pursue her education further by staying to earn an MFA at the university’s College of Motion Picture Arts. In the future, Nikki hopes to continue pursuing filmmaking through writing, directing, and producing.

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