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Directed by:Neil Floyd

Film School:UCBC, University Centre Blackburn College

The animation starts with the impression of an elderly man being haunted; the last scenes of the film explain that the man is suffering from dementia. He is confused when the dressing gown moves to the other side of the room because he is unable to remember that he has moved it himself. The grandfather’s clock shows a 15 minute time difference. Mirrored-self misidentification is a common symptom of dementia and this is highlighted in the film.

Neil Floyd

'Haunted' is my first film; it was also my first stop motion film. The film was made in five months. I created the models, storyboard, animatic, set, and the animation.

I am very passionate about this film; it was a very difficult and emotional film to make because of my personal connection with it. The film is inspired by my late father who I cared for until he passed away three years ago. The film depicts my father's experiences of late-onset dementia. The film was also overseen by various dementia charities through-out its production.

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