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Find Me

Directed by:Daniel Discenza

Meet Ruth Miller–a once vibrant family woman now alone and frightened. Her husband has been dead for some years and her relationship with Danny, her only son, is strained by Ruth’s rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s. One evening Ruth is disturbed by strange knocking and noises coming from insider her spacious home. As she bravely investigates the strangeness, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred. Ruth is confronted by a metaphorical presence that tells her to “Find Me”.

Daniel Discenza

Dan Discenza grew up in a small town in central Connecticut largely sheltered from the injustices of the world. As a result, his adolescence was filled with an increasing fascination with the macabre. His short film Styx, a selection for the 2015 Auburn Indie Student Film Festival, was the first work he made that attempted to explore the thin line between life and death. Discenza is a recent graduate from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Cinema and Media Arts. His latest work Find Me is a film grounded in the very real terror of mental illness. His films examine the subject positions of the vulnerable in order to impress upon the audience the severity of their struggles.

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