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Design for Alzheimer’s – Memory Maps

Directed by:Ritika Mathur

One in every three individuals is prone to the risk of Alzheimer’s. Often the path from early diagnosis to mildly severe stages takes a couple of years. However, there is a feeling of helplessness associated with the disease and people experience declining confidence levels. Memory Maps aims to support at such phases of life when things are slowly starting to deteriorate by focusing on the moment of ‘now’ that in turn creates rich experiences for the future.

Ritika Mathur

Shu-Yang Lin and Ritika Mathur both graduated from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) and made this film while they were pursuing the design design in Copenhagen, Denmark. Memory Maps was one of the projects they worked on together. Both with their passion in film making, they took few weekends to polish this film out of a product demo video. After graduation, they both started their journeys as designer in different places in the world. Ritika has been lived and worked in North America, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Southeast Asia and currently in Australasia; Shu-Yang visited Japan, North Europe and Asia.
They have kept in touch and been important friends of each other.

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