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6,248 Miles

Directed by:Jeffrey Wu

Film School:New York University

A few months back, I was in Beijing during Thanksgiving break. My grandma’s dementia was worsening and my family was having a hard time adjusting. She was forgetting more and more and was having a hard time recognizing people and faces by now, but somehow, she always seemed to still remember me. Knowing that these interactions were going to happen less and less, I decided to film bits and pieces of the week I was there.

6,248 Miles is a dedication to my grandmother: the woman who raised, fed, and cared for me growing up. Wrapped in a tale of discovery, the documentary seeks to explore complex family relationships separated by physical distance, culture, generations, and languages.

Jeffrey Wu

Jeffrey Wu is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles and New York specializing in personal documentary and new media content creation.

His interest in the moving image began at an early age when at the age of thirteen he began to cut together clips of Japanese animated shows with 90s American hip-hop music. By blending the two montage style, he created what the internet at the time called anime music videos. The outlandish editing style through heavy use of juxtaposition and visual effects persists in his work today.

In high school, he picked up a camera and began working for the school's news broadcast. It was here where he learned how media could be a way to not only entertain, but to unify.

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