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14 Days with Alzheimer’s

Directed by:Lisa Cerasoli

14 DAYS with Alzheimer’s is a story about love, laughs, tears, beers, and the power of compassion. Based on the award-winning memoir, As Nora Jo Fades Away, this film portrays an intimate and inspirational account of what it means to be a caregiver and a person with Alzheimer’s disease. It highlights not only the hardships, but by the funnies and foibles that occur as well. 14 DAYS… is proof that while Alzheimer’s is otherwise known as the Memory Thief, it’s incapable of stealing love.

Lisa Cerasoli

With a theatre degree in hand, Lisa moved to Los Angeles in 1995 (series regular General Hospital, The Pretender, etc.). In 2002 she signed with literary manager/movie producer Dr. Ken Atchity, and her writing career began. But this endeavor came concurrently with her father’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. So, Lisa left the City of Angels to care for Dad in Michigan. She published two books. They garnered nine national/international awards. While caring full-time for her grandmother, she filmed 14 Days with Alzheimer's on a zero budget. The film has taken 16 national awards, and has been shown in 50+ facilities across the country, including Columbia University. Lisa founded 529 Books in 2013, a full editorial and book design company.

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