Film Credits

  • Written and Directed by Roger Ross Williams
  • Cinematography by Derek Wiesehahn
  • Edited by Casper de Boer
  • Produced by Roger Ross Williams
    Casper de Boer
  • Series Creator & Executive Producer David Shenk
  • Music by Dave Daniels & Joybean
    Vocals –Dave Daniels
    Banjo – Andy Slatter
  • Many thanks toThe Ford Family
    Lou Ethel Ford Hill
    Tom Ford
    Cynthia Williams
    Errol Ford
    Keith Ford
  • The Staff at Memory Matters
    Arlene Byrne
    Lindy Lindenbaum
    Mary Marshall
    Donna Nienow
  • The Caregivers
    Bertha Guanajuato
    Arlene Murphy
    Marge Simpson
    John Tolford
    Patricia Wasson
  • The Staff at Memory Matters
    Edwina Hoyle
    Karen Doughtie
    Melissa Dalton
    Cathee Stegal
    Jeannie Thompson
  • The Clients at Memory Matters
    Marie Everett
    Angelina Ixtuaca
    Janice Mentz-Tolford
    Vincent Murphy
    Bob Scherrer
    John Servat
    Carol Smith
    Louise Tilly
    James Wasson