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Directed by:William Freeman

Norrms tells the story of one man and his vision for a more dementia friendly world. Against all odds, despite being diagnosed with dementia, he created a world wide movement for dementia awareness, now known as The Purple Angel, while also being appointed one of Prime Minister Cameron’s ‘Dementia Champions.’ He could have given up, thrown in the towel; instead he chose to devote the end of his life to improving the futures of others.

William Freeman

Will Thomas Freeman is an English filmmaker living and working in Prague.

Film Commentary
  • woodstock271

    This is amazing & truly an example of the mysterious ways ( at least to many of us ) in which God works.
    I started Rock Against Dementia in March of 2014 at the Cleveland International Film Festival screening of another Sundance Film Festival documentary called Alive Inside which took the prestigious Audience Award at Sundance.
    The film told about the miraculous power of Personal Music to rekindle memories for those living with Dementia & has been responsible for creating a Global Empathy Revolution of it’s own.
    Later that year as a result of Divine Direction from my Higher-Partner, I connected with Normm’s & Jane Moore & became an official Purple Angel Ambassador.
    Our relationship has succeeded in the wonderful WRAD ( World Rocks Against Dementia ) now in it’s 2nd year.
    My only regret is that we didn’t connect while you were filming in the USA.
    Best of luck with this film.

  • Norm Mac

    How one mans dream from Torbay , Devon, UK, dream of a dementia friendly world is hopefully turning into an ongoing reality

    Short film only 26 mins long

    Entered into the Famous Sundance festival USA and now entered into the LIVING WITH ALZ film festival .

    Filmed in Torbay / Uk / and the USA

    This is how the Global Purple Angel dementia awareness campaign has evolved from a local group called the Torbay dementia Action Alliance into a Global awareness Campaign which is now known in 40+ Countries worldwide and has over 600 Purple Angel ambassadors globally including memory cafes worldwide, Purple Angel cities in the USA and a WORLD ROCKS AGAINST DEMENTIA coming up for the second time in March 18th 2017.

    It could have NEVER have happened without the support of all

    Eternally grateful
    Norrms Mc Namara

    Link To Film

    Disclaimer by Norrms……

    I and Elaine were appointed to PM David Cameron’s Dementia Working Group for the South west along with other Organisations and indeed met a couple of times at the Bishops place Exeter, but was NOT or EVER officially called a Dementia Champion by the EX Prime Minister

    Thank You

    Norrms Mc Namara

  • Jem

    I am sorry to say that this short video film does not deserve recognition. Having watched it a couple of times now, it tells nobody a single thing about living with dementia It is misleading and amateurish in the extreme, especially about the way that all things dementia friendly work in the UK – and most of that dementia friendly initiative has nothing whatsoever to do with Normal McNamara or his Purple Angels. The film should be called ‘Elaine’ not Norrms because she seems to fill the screen whereas he doesn’t actually feature in the film much. The trailer was better than this the final cut. The director and producer begin the film with a few shots outside No. 10 Downing Street and a few clips from an ITV item. The reality is that without the Alzheimer’s Society – which doesn’t seem to get much of a mention – Norman McNamara and his partner Elaine Sanders-Hole would never have been at No. 10 so it is about time that was acknowledged.

    I am sorry if that is not the kind of comment you want to see but people need to unmask this soon so that it no longer misleads people. Laurence Kelly should do some homework before crowdfunding via Kickstarter to finance a film that is more likely to mislead than to inform.

    • What the…

      How ironic for the Alzheimer’s Society to publicly criticize a dementia patient about forgetting to mention you enough as he spreads the awareness of why he may be a little forgetful. You can’t make this stuff up.

      • Jem

        I have no connection at all to the Alzheimer’s Society so you are wrong there. You made that up.

        • Norm Mac

          This person is known to us and so many others around the world for trying to discredit the work done by 1,000s around the world connected with the Purple Angels, please disregard

          • Jem

            I have commented on the short film, on its purpose, its content and its structure. I have a lifetime of experience in film-makiing, and I know that the content of any documentary needs to be researched properly so that it does not mislead the audience, just like the written introduction above misleads the reader. You clearly have no experience of that sphere, so you are in no position to comment because you would be doing so out of ignorance.